Duncan WorkBC Employment Service Centre Privacy Policy

In order to provide career transition services Global Vocational Services (GVS) must collect and use personal information (PI) about clients. The following is a summary of our Privacy Policy for the use of that information.

Principle 1— Accountability

GVS is responsible for the privacy of all PI under our control and responsibility for this rests with our appointed Privacy Officer.

Principle 2 — Identifying Purposes of Information

GVS collects and uses PI to determine eligibility and provide access to Human Resource and Skills Development funded programs.

Principle 3 — Consent

GVS explains and obtains consent to collect, use or disclose any PI except where detailed in the full Policy or where the law provides an exception.

Principle 4 — Limited Collection of Personal Information

GVS collects PI for our defined purposes and does not deceive individuals about the purpose for which the information is collected

Principle 5 — Limited Use, Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

GVS only uses or discloses the information gathered for the purposes outlined in the release of information.

Principle 6 — Accuracy

GVS makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the PI collected by and on behalf of the organization is accurate and complete.

Principle 7 — Safeguards

GVS has taken steps to ensure all PI is protected against theft, unauthorized access, disclosure, copying or alteration.

Principle 8 — Openness

GVS’s full privacy policy is available upon request as well as all PI concerning an individual whose PI is held by us. Our privacy officer is Jack Tieleman. Contact: (250) 748-9880 or jack@gvsjobs.com.

Principle 9 — Individual Access

In order for an individual to obtain access to his or her PI or to request a correction of his or her PI the individual must make a written request.

Principle 10 – Challenging Compliance

An individual may question compliance with the privacy officer or with the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia.

Duncan WorkBC Employment Service Centre Computer Policy

The Duncan WorkBC Employment Service Centre (ESC) computer lab is designed to assist individuals who are actively searching for employment/training opportunities and/or researching an idea for self-employment. We are available to assist individuals in a variety of ways by sharing information about how to best promote oneself in a competitive labour market. We would appreciate your assistance by respecting the following guidelines and using the facilities for employment related purposes only.

Policy 1 – Appropriate Viewing of Materials

  • Viewing inappropriate material is forbidden. This includes and is not limited to pornography or violence of any nature where the rights of another being are in violation. Access to some web sites is not possible from computers in the Resource Centre.

Policy 2 – Email Use

  • Persons using ESC computers are not permitted to access or send personal emails, or to participate in chat groups.

Policy 3 – Downloading Data

  • Downloading data is restricted in that persons must obtain prior consent and assistance from a Career Development Worker before initiating any downloads from any web site.

Policy 4 – Creating Promotional Materials

  • Persons are not permitted to use the Centre’s computers to generate promotional materials or promote an existing business.

Policy 5 – Computer Files

  • Persons using the ESC computers will not tamper with any data files, program files or software defaults. As well, no persons should damage the computer hardware or change configuration settings.

Policy 6 – Floppy Disks, data CD’s or other portable devices

  • Portable devices brought into the Centre may be subject to a virus check upon each visit by a Career Development Worker before it can be used in the Centre on a designated computer. This portable media is used at the client’s own risk. The ESC will provide WIFI service for personal electronic devices.

Policy 7 – Client Files

  • No client files will be stored on Global’s server. Documents that clients want to have in the future may be emailed to their personal email, saved to a flash drive provided by the client, or uploaded to DropBox (on-line storage). Clients will be assisted in establishing DropBox and Email accounts, when required.

Policy 8 – 90 minute Use

  • The ESC computers are here to assist you in being more effective in your job/career search. Persons using these computers will have 90 minutes to work on job/career search activities. After you have used the computer for 90 minutes, a staff person will talk to you about workshops, employment counselling and other resources that might assist you in your job/career search. When the ESC is busy and/or individuals are waiting for computers, you will be asked to limit your use to 90 minutes.

Access Denied

Global Vocational Services has restricted the viewing of a number of web sites.

Possible reasons that you may receive this message are:

  1. Inappropriate Viewing of Materials. You are trying to access a restricted web site that violates CCRC.s computer policy. This includes and is not limited to pornography or violence of any nature where the rights of another being are in violation.
  2. You mistyped the web site address. If you are redirected to this site by mistake, please retype the URL in the address bar and try to access the web site again.
  3. Contact a staff member for access rights. If the web site is legitimate and you are still receiving this message, please contact a staff member to request web site access.

Note to Clients:

  1. Global Vocational Services will be monitoring client’s computer use.
  2. The reasons for blocking restricted web sites are to protect the rights of individuals while using resources at the Resource Centre.
  3. Clients found to be in breach of these agreements and the computer policy may lose his/her computer privileges.
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