WorkBC Service Provider Change

On April 1st, 2019, there will be a change of WorkBC Employment Service Providers in Duncan and Ladysmith. Global Vocational Services contract ends on March 31st and the new contract holder, ETHOS Career Management, will begin to deliver WorkBC Employment Services on April 1st.

How do I make sure I'm registered to receive WorkBC Employment Services starting April 1st?

Effective April 1st, 2019, you will be required to have an Online Employment Services (OES) account in order to receive or utilize WorkBC Employment Services. We encourage you to visit by March 27th and follow instructions to access "Online Employment Services".

If I don't register before March 27th, what can I do?

If you do not register early, you will still be able to access WorkBC Employment Services. You will just need to register for OES yourself starting April 1st.

For more information on this WorkBC Program change, please follow this link.