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Global Vocational Services offers a free job posting service to employers in the Cowichan Valley. See our Featured Jobs below to see the most recently advertised positions from local employers. If you are an employer looking to have an open position featured on our website and Job Board, please contact us using our easy to use Job Posting form.

Please note: These job postings have been provided by employers external to Global Vocational Services, Inc. GVS is not responsible for the accuracy of the content or the conduct of the employer.

  Cowichan Job Feed

Want to stay up-to-date with the most recently advertised positions in the Cowichan Valley? Whenever employers post a new job on our website, WorkBC, UsedCowichan, Indeed, Craigslist, and other popular Job Search websites, our Cowichan Job Feed will update. The feed can be viewed one of two ways:

1. E-mail – You can subscribe to our mailing list and you will receive a daily e-mail each morning with the previous day’s job postings.

2. RSS Client – You can enter the following URL into your preferred RSS client:
If you are viewing the Job Feed link above and get a message: “There has been an error of some kind, Ack!” that means the job you are trying to view is coming from These job postings can be viewed by subscribing to the daily email (subscribe above) or by going to job listings directly.
(For more information on RSS Feeds, read this page from

Please note: Due to the fact that many employers post on multiple sites, there are often duplicate listings.  The data contained is this feed is for informational purposes only and is not represented to be error free nor necessarily represent the opinion of Global Vocational Services.

 Camp Job Feed

Are you looking for out-of-town camp job positions? Global Vocational Services Camp Job Feed collects camp job postings from various Job Boards. You can subscribe for a daily e-mail, or enter the following link into your preferred RSS client:

Another great resource for camp jobs in northeastern British Columbia is, the website for their WorkBC office. It features positions in places like Fort St. John, Fort Nelson, Dawson Creek, etc.

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Go right to the source! Here is a list of the most popular Job Search Links available.


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