Wage Subsidy Program

Download a short presentation on the Wage Subsidy program (PDF)

Objective of the Wage Subsidy Program:

  • The Wage Subsidy program, managed by Global Vocational Services Inc. (GVS), assists job seekers in securing long-term full-time employment. The program subsidizes the wages of a new employee while offsetting the cost of training and/or orientation.

Benefits of the Wage Subsidy Program for Employers:

  • The employer is reimbursed a portion of a new (eligible) employee’s wages to offset the cost of training.
  • GVS also provides a free job posting service. Employers are welcome to post a Wage Subsidy position, which will be placed on our website and circulated to all local employment agencies.

Employer Eligibility:

  • Must be a registered business with Canada Revenue Agency and be up to date with Source Deductions.
  • Must be registered and in good standing with WCB coverage and comply with BC Labour Standards.
  • Must have commercial general liability insurance greater than or equivalent to 2 million dollars
  • Must be offering 35-40 hours per week and intend for the position to be long-term. Some flexibility in hours is possible if required by the new employee.
  • Must determine a fixed rate of pay ~ commission only positions and piece work are not eligible.
  • Must be prepared to orientate and train the new employee.
  • Confirm the employee would not have been hired without Wage Subsidy

Job Seeker Eligibility:

  • Must be unemployed or underemployed (working 19 hours per week or less)
  • Must have an Employment Insurance (EI) attachment, defined as:
  • Currently receiving Regular EI benefits or
  • Had a regular EI claim within the last 3 years or
  • Had a maternity or parental EI claim within the last 5 years & now ready to return to work.

How to access the Wage Subsidy Program:

  • Before the applicant starts employment, we must have a contract in place, please call us before offering employment.

How It Works:

  • Once employer and job seeker eligibility is confirmed, GVS will provide an Employer Application package. This application takes very little time to complete and can be processed very quickly by GVS staff.
  • Upon receipt of the Employer Application, a Case Manager Specialist will review the application and contact the employer for clarification. If suitable, GVS draws up a Wage Subsidy Contract and arranges a time to meet with the employer and employee to review and sign the contract.
  • GVS completes the paperwork in a timely manner; our main goal is to assist individuals in securing immediate full-time employment.
  • We reimburse the agreed upon percent of the wage on a monthly basis and our commitment is to process the cheque within five working days of receiving the claim.

Steps for applying for the Wage Subsidy Program:

  • Meet with a Case Manager at your local Employment Resource Centre to review your eligibility for referral to the Wage Subsidy Program. Call Global Vocational Services for the number of the Employment Resource Centre closest to you.
  • Discuss the Wage Subsidy Program with a Case Manager who can develop an Action Plan with a referral to the Wage Subsidy Program.
  • The Case Manager will contact Global Vocational Services Inc. to set up an appointment with a Wage Subsidy Case Manager Specialist
  • Make sure to bring your resume to your appointment with the Case Manager Specialist
  • At your meeting with a Case Manager Specialist you will register for the Wage Subsidy Program and discuss your specific job search and how to market the program to your advantage.
  • You are now ready to use the program as a marketing tool in your job search
  • Hand out Wage Subsidy Info sheets with all of your applications.
  • Be sure to state in your cover letter that you are eligible for the Wage Subsidy Program.  For example:  “I am registered for the Wage Subsidy Program; you can be reimbursed a portion of my wages for up to 24 weeks of my orientation and training period.  Please see the attached information sheet on the Wage Subsidy Program.“
  • Be sure to go to the Global Vocational Services website on a regular basis to stay up to date with Wage Subsidy Job Postings.
  • You can apply for Wage Subsidy postings, classified and jobs off the internet and continue to network and access “The Hidden Job Market”!
  • Case Manager Specialists are available to discuss your job search and networking opportunities.  We are just a phone call away and are happy to be of service.


You must be registered with the Wage Subsidy Program prior to promoting the program to employers.  If an Employer is interested in hiring you through the Wage Subsidy Program, you cannot start employment until we have a contract in place.  We will need to hear from you and the employer before we can proceed with the next step.

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