Job Fair FAQ

Over the last five years Global has hosted job fairs in the Cowichan Valley. These highly successful events have had between 500 and 700 attendees with over thirty employers represented. We have facilitated on-site interviews and have had job seekers get hired on the spot. It is a great opportunity for local employers and local job-seekers to connect.

Some of the employers that have joined us at our Job Fairs include:

Island Health, Catalyst, Island Savings, Telus, RCMP, Canadian Armed Forces, Western Forest Products, Service Canada, Investors Group, Footprints Security, Industry Training Authority, Clements Centre, Boys and Girls Club, and more!

Job Fair Information:


What to Expect at a Job Fair

What is a Job Fair?

  • A Job Fair is an event where a number of employers and job seekers come together for the purpose of applying and interviewing for jobs. Defined more precisely, a Job Fair is an  employment strategy to fast-track the meeting of job seekers and employers
  • Ordinarily, Job Fairs are single day affairs held once to several times a year. They are typically held in large assembly halls with a booth for each employer. At the front of each booth is a table that displays company brochures and information. Usually, several company representatives staff each booth, standing behind tables as they talk to job seekers.
  • Companies participate in Job Fairs to screen candidates for existing or future job openings. Companies also participate to introduce themselves as a desirable place to work and to promote their company.

What can job seekers expect from a Job Fair?

  • For job seekers, Job Fairs are a convenient way to apply with several companies and to get immediate interviews. They are a great opportunity for job seekers to scope-out employers and to gather company and career information.
  • Job seekers can certainly obtain company and career information. They may even get an interview at the Job Fair. However, the goal is to get ‘in-house’ interviews at companies shortly after the Job Fair. Job seekers should be advised that it’s unlikely they’ll walk away from the Job Fair with a new job!
  • Employer representatives invest a lot of time and resources to participate in Job Fairs. As such, companies appreciate job seekers who are well prepared and have a professional attitude. Job Seekers appreciate company representatives who are easy to approach and have clear answers to their questions.


Guidelines and Tips for Employers

Try to make your booth interesting and attractive. Here are some ideas:Job Fair both

  • Display a banner or sign showing your company name, logo, and colors
  • Use pictures or graphics to illustrate your company services or products and to convey your company’s ideals and values
  • Minimize words in graphics and signs. Make your message quick and simple

Supply your table with company forms and materials:

  • Have copies of your company application form
  • Have a one-page (or shorter) description of each position you want to fill
  • Provide leaflets or brochures about your company. They’ll tell job seekers what your company does and what it’s like to work there
  • Keep business cards on the table so job seekers can contact you
  • Consider having ‘giveaways’ to promote your company (these are gift-like items such as candies, pens, key chains, calendars, mouse pads, etc.)

Ensure that representatives represent your company well:

  • Have at least two (or perhaps 3) reps to interact with job seekers. This will keep lines short and job seekers happy!Job Fair 2013-44
  • Have representatives that are outgoing and assertive. Your reps should be smiling, upbeat and positive!
  • Have reps STAND (not sit) at the table
  • Greet job seekers with firm handshakes
  • Engage in conversation with job seekers as they walk by
  • Review applications and resumes as they’re collected. Ask job seekers to elaborate on their experience and qualifications
  • Schedule interviews with top applicants. Conduct on-the-spot interviews if possible!
  • Staff the booth with representatives that know your company’s hiring procedures

Attend to job seekers after the Fair:

  • Follow-up with all persons who submitted applications or resumes within 10 days
  • Be straightforward with applicants. Telling them they did not make the ‘candidate list’ may be disappointing, but honesty is the best policy!
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