Employment Programs

Wage Subsidy ProgramTraining programs

The Wage Subsidy program, managed by Global Vocational Services Inc. (GVS), assists job seekers in securing long-term full-time employment. The program subsidizes the wages of a new employee while offsetting the cost of training and/or orientation.


The Self-Employment program is an Employment Program of British Columbia initiative that provides financial assistance and entrepreneurial support and training to eligible individuals while they develop and implement their business plan.

Training Support

Individuals who are attached to employment insurance may be eligible to receive financial assistance with training costs.

Currently, a person can apply for up to $7,500 in tuition plus costs for books and supplies as well as living costs and transportation. Approval of an application is based upon a demonstrated exhausted job search, most direct return to work, financial need and the likelihood of successful completion and employment.

For full details and complete definitions of eligibility and approval, please contact your local WorkBC Services Centre.

Job Creation Partnerships

Job Creation Partnerships are an employment program that supports fixed term projects that provide eligible job seekers with needed work experience to help them obtain sustainable work.

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